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My Studio is a single bedroom with far too many pieces of furniture in it!

I have:

- A corner desk with two sewing machines
- A tallboy (large set of drawers that you would have in a bedroom) for storing fabric
- On top of the tall boy is a small kitset shelving unit on its side that I use like a bookcase, on top of that are plastic sistema storage containers.
- A small set of drawers (like you'd find in a child's bedroom
- Two trestle tables, one for ironing and cutting the other sits behind the corner desk
- A single bed (currently up on its end leaning against the wall) base and mattress
- An ironing board leaning against the wall most of the time
- A set of storage bins in a shelving unit (for more fabric)
- Under the trestle tables are magazines, completed projects and my overlocker
- In the small wardrobe is my batting, my wool (from when I thought I could knit!) large pieces of fabric and my painting easels.. among other things!

- AND two chairs, one wheely office chair and one sturdy camping/directors chair (for markets but its good to sit when doing a lot of work at the ironing table or for when visitors drop in!

It is organised chaos but most if the time I'm pretty good, between big projects I do a bit clean up. Being such a small area it gets that cluttered feeling quite easily! But I love being surrounded by all my stuff, sometimes I just go in there and absorb all the lovely vibes   :)

I have everything I need an more, though sometimes I really don't know how I fit it all in!

This is video I made a little while ago while working on my project "Gaia" so the room as you see it here is fairly similar to how I have it now, but there may have been a few updates since.