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Thanks for visiting my website! This page will show you my past blog posts I made when I was trying to decide which sewing machine to buy for my expanding Free Motion Quilting persuits.

To give you a little bit of background, I hadn't done a lot of sewing since intermediate school (11 or 12 years old), I remember sewing a drawstring bag a long time ago for my sister's toy cars, she was about 3 so I must have been around 16 or 17. But that was about it until 2004/5 when I bought MY first machine on Trademe (it is the NZ equivalent of eBay) it was a Yamata Multifunction, if you didn't know any better you'd say it looked like an Elna. This machine did me well, I managed to sew and quilt my first blanket on it (Friendship Tulips). The machine is, in fact, still alive and well at my parents.. which by the way I'll get back if it ever is unwanted .. hehe


Around this time I also used Trademe to purchase a second hand overlocker, I think it is a Bernette, I think "workhorse" would best describe it!

Bernette overlocker/serger

It wasn't long before I felt like I needed something else, the Yamata was a great sturdy machine, but it was fairly limited in its stitches.

I tracked down a special offer in a magazine one year, and while I was at the Hamilton Quilting and Craft show I purchased a Brother Innovis NV400. It had an extension table, computerised stitches, 3 alphabets and oh yeah, it was blue! This is still my go to machine for blanket stitching applique and most of my piecing.

Brother NV400

BUT with big blankets and only 6" harp space (needle to machine neck) it was getting a little tricky to manage things. The quilt tops were coming together okay, but when you have all three layers of the quilt sandwich stuffed through the small space it got me thinking...

I came across Leah Day, she is a quilter with her own business, she sells quilt accessories, but she also makes wonderful large custom quilts on her domestic sewing machine. When I first saw her, she was using a Juki TL98, now she uses a Janome Horizon, she has her own sewing machine journey, so go check her out too.

This got me googling, but it wasnt just an hour or an afternoon, it took me over a year to finally A) get the money, and B) decide on the machine I wanted.

These are my blog posts which may help you in your sewing machine choice journey, I found it difficult to search on the internet for peoples opinions as there are many sites where ladies are stuck steadfast to a particular type of machine, namely Huskvarna, Bernina or Singer etc. These I'm sure are great machines, but they are also extremely expensive. Especially in New Zealand where these brands have saturated the local quilt store market and left little room for the 'other's. My two machines ended up being Brothers, but you'll see as you read the posts below, that I wasn't looking for the NAME, I was looking at the MACHINE.

The message is, make the decision based on the things that are important to YOU.

Factors like How much does it cost? and Where can I get it serviced? can it do button holes?

This time around I was looking for a machine to really only do one thing and one thing well.. Free motion quilting. I wanted to firstly set it up on a desk and later when I win the lottery I'll set it up on a frame and give up my day job!

For me my questions were: can I drop the feed dogs? does it have a harp space of at least 8.5"? does it come with a free motion quilting foot? does it come with a 1/4 inch piecing foot? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

Visit them in the order I have listed them, the newest one is at the bottom of the page. I've included a couple of posts that had some Free Motion Quilting inspirations too (Karen McTavish)

I hope this helps you or even just lets you in to my journey that led me to my latest machine

It was a roller coaster ride but I'm thoroughly happy with my rockin' Brother PQ1500s for NZ$1700 at http://www.newsons.co.nz and just to give them a little more airtime, newsons are by far the best sewing machine retailer I have come across in the Auckland region! a great range of brands and a specialist mechanical knowledge of the machines.

Brother PQ1500s

Enough of that though, here are the posts! :)