All digital images and photographs on this website hold a strict copyright

The work shown in them however is for your education, inspiration and to further your own creative pursuits in quilting and craft.

The only designs that hold a copyright are clearly labelled as such in the project details of each quilt. These are quilts where I have designed them myself, they mean a lot to me. Please do not use these exact designs and compositions, but as mentioned, if they inspire you to create your own piece of work then please let me know as well as linking your blog or website back to my page.

All content from external sources should be treated with caution. If your content is on my website without your permission and you would like it removed please contact me with proof (that you are in fact the owner) and I'll remove it without delay.

I do not have a business, and I do not make money from my quilting, this website is to support my facebook page as a more centralised source of information. I currently do not receive any sponsorship in the way of money or products. If this situation changes I will be sure to make it very clear.

- Melissa Brooks